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Innovation and marketing are the keys to setting your business apart but you need both. Word of mouth through social channels can set your business ablaze, but if you’re not innovating/adding more value, that’s never going to happen. People are in a hurry. They are getting bombarded with information and advertising and it’s harder and harder to stand out. You might have the best product or service around but if your marketing isn’t effective then you’re dead in the water. So let’s look at how you can solve this problem, regardless of how much money you have to spend.

Marketing today is both easier and harder at the same time. There are tons of channels to get your message out and for far less money than ever before. Let’s face it though, there is much more competition and many more messages drowning out your voice. Today adding value is not an option, it’s the only way to stand out. Now value can mean different things to different people. It can be a laugh, a beautiful photo, intelligent information and creative solutions to problems, whatever it is though it has to be great.

Honestly, everyone, regardless of your occupation is in competition with each other. That’s because attention is the new currency. Even on your personal Facebook people are trying to post the funniest videos, quotes, pics of their kids…to get more likes, more attention. But with all this content, all this attention people are still hungry. They are hungry for value, real value. Something that will actually make a difference to the quality of their life. 15 years ago it took 4 impressions in order to get someone to buy. That number is now 16 and growing fast.

So how do we/you stand out, add more value, and get people’s attention in a world that is so hectic.  I’ll tell you, it’s called Value Added Marketing. Here are the keys. more